Beersbie Rules

The Basics

  1. Beer / Alcoholic beverage in hand at all times.

  2. The entire team drinks if a teammate fucks-up. There is no 'I' in Beersbie except for the one at the end before the 'e'.

  3. Points are earned by knocking the opposing team's can to the ground, with the Frisbee.

The Setup

  1. Teams stand behind their opposing poles 10 meters (30ft) apart, but can change depending on wind.

  2. An empty beer can is placed on top of each pole, about 1¼ meters high.

  3. Teams alternate throwing the Frisbee (175g) at the opposing team's can. Teammates must rotate throwing in order.

  4. Games are a race to 11 points win by 2, switch sides after the first team reaches 6 or more points.

On Offense

  1. Throw behind with both feet behind your pole / line

  2. 3 points for pure can hits, if the can falls to the ground

  3. 1 point for pole hit, if the can falls to the ground

On Defense

  1. Goaltending is not allowed, the entire Frisbee must past your pole / line before it is caught

  2. Points are only awarded only if the can hits the ground, catching of the can is allowed once the can has left the stick

  3. Defenders must be at least 30cm away from the can, until the can leaves the pole

Drinking Rules

  1. Your team drinks for each point scored against you, 3 sips for pure can math geeks

  2. Your team drinks one, if it is your teams fault that the Frisbee is dropped or your team doesn't catch a "catchable" disc

  3. Your team drinks one, if a teammate spills their drink

  4. Your team drinks one, if a teammate drops or disrespects the Frisbee

  5. Your team drinks one, if a teammate's throw is uncatchable

  6. Your team drinks one, if a teammate's throw is shy. The other team may throw from where the Frisbee first touched ground

  7. Your team drinks one, if a teammate throw is too hard, thus deemed "unnecessary use of force.<"/li>

  8. Your team must shotgun a beer, if your team is shutout

Competitive Rules

Competitive Rules are for tournament beersbie and serious beersbie players.

  1. Catchable Frisbees are thrown from where they ended up, if behind the line. The thrower must plant one foot where the Frisbee stopped. Note, if a Frisbee is dropped / stopped in the within 2 meters of the post, then it may be thrown from the line.

  2. Teams are two vs. two

  3. Goaltending is strictly prohibited and opposing team may chooses one of the following based on severity of the offence: 3 points, 1 point, shotgun a beer.

Beach Rules

The beach is the best place to encourage new players to join the beersbie game, these rules make the game more "family friendly."

  1. At half time (switch sides) and the end of the game, hive fives are given to the other team

  2. "Touching Dinks" is if two people catch the Frisbee at the same time then they need to show a little love, because it is a little limp wristed. Like a kiss on the cheek, a dry hump, or get creative.

  3. For a new player's goaltending first offence, the player must sit in the penalty box for at least two minutes and feel shame, while they finish their beer. The throwing team is given a penalty shot from half way. For sub-sequential offences see the competitive rules.

  4. Spectators are encouraged to join the game as long as they grab a drink.

  5. Flirting is encourage if you can multitask, if you miss a catch because of flirting you must drink one for the drop and one for flirting.


  1. There is NO LYING in Beersbie. You're not playing against your have no reason to lie.

  2. A Frisbee is considered dead once it touches the ground. If it bounces before it hits the pole it doesn't count. This isn't cricket.

  3. A Frisbee is dead once it touches the pole/can, hence it doesn't need to be caught. The next throw is from the line.

  4. A Frisbee that lands on the line is considered a "Dead Duck." The next throw is from the line. No one drinks.

  5. You do not need to throw the Frisbee to your teammate, it can be handed to them.

  6. If the can is blown off the pole by the wind (even if it's the frisbee's wind), there are no points awarded. However, if the wind blows the can off after the frisbee has been thrown and the frisbee is going to hit the can/post, a retoss is awarded. If the toss was going to miss everything, no retoss is awarded.

  7. If you drink has a lid, take the lid off.

  8. Don't be a Douchebag. Although trash talking is highly recommended, it has to be waranted.

Pro Tips

  1. You can make a post out of pretty much anything. Broken hockey stick, a dead tree, broom stick, or bamboo. In a pinch, things like ironing boards, picnic tables, pallets, bricks, ski pole, hiking poles, cricket wickets, etc. Basically, look at your surroundings and make it work....think like MacGuiver!!

  2. When you find your poles, cut the bottom out of an empty beer can and form it to the pole to make a stand for your can to sit on.

  3. Red wine is a bad idea, unless you are playing topless


  1. Goaltending - Catching the Frisbee before the line, either in front of the can or the pole. This is the worst penalty in the game. If caught goaltending, you must chug a full beer for men, half a beer for women…no exceptions!

  2. Uncatchable - A Frisbee that cannot be caught, even with moderate effort, because it is poorly thrown. Any Frisbee that is touched by the defensive team is considered catchable. If it hit your hand, you should have caught it.

  3. Shutout - Shutout - As in ice hockey, when the losing team does not score any points. Example the final score is 11-0

  4. Shotgun - When you drink an entire beer in a couple of seconds. Puncture a hole at the bottom side of a can of beer (keys work well), place mouth over Puncture, open beer, and chug.

  5. Shy - When the thrown Frisbee lands before the pole.

  6. Unnecessary Use of Force - When someone throws the Frisbee too hard, especially when chicks are playing. You can throw with some pace, but use your judgement. Don’t gun it in there as hard as you can. It’s a game about accuracy, not power.